Thursday, April 17, 2014

The History Of Autism

I found this amazing infographic on the website

The original page where I found this infographic is  Go check it out because there's tons of other info down at the bottom of that page...

Also on the bottom of the page it says "Share this infographic on your site" so that is what I
am doing...



Class is now in session...

History of Autism

 Hope you enjoyed that thorough "History Of Autism" 

 Class dismissed! :-) 



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  1. Thanks for was very informative.

  2. Nice Infographic -- However, it's a shame that on the 1965 date that they used a picture of Dr. Stephen Edelson (current ARI director) instead of a picture of Dr. Bernard Rimland.

    1. Had not looked at Edelson's face for some 2 years (since about 2011), so did not immediately catch it. The general face did suggest "Rimland" to me, probably closer to the 1970s or the 1980s.

  3. Does the link to the university blog really support the time of the diet restrictions (1920s)?

    I thought there might be more mass-produced and processed food around the time of the First World War...

    And Bernard Rimland looks so young!

  4. Ugh, parents need to get IN that bubble.

    1. ...and heartbreakingly, some times they can't...

  5. thank you. for sharing. glad to see science has come a long way.

  6. Pretty accurate, but I believe holding therapy was popular way before the 1990s...?


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